The mockup of the project “Beyonder, intends to offer an example of the possible applications of the AR combined with the 3D Digital Environment on works of art.
In this specific case, the figurative elements of Paul Klee’s painting “Insula Dulcamara” come to life, go beyond the boundaries of the canvas and become reality.

In the Museum, the contents of the painting interact with children (and not only), inviting them to explore and discover the fantastic dimension that magically take shape around them.

The fantasy story, created from a careful analysis of the artwork, represents the narrative structure on which the game is developed and as a sort of “treasure hunt”, has the purpose to find and gather as many berries as possible in the Museum which has magically been transformed into the Dulcamara Island.

An enchanting immersion in the nature created by Klee, where games, education and the thrill of discovery become the preconditions for an intuitive understanding of the compositional elements of his work.

Mockup realized in collaboration with SAE Institute of Barcelona.

Concept and design: Lara Mezzapelle
Creative and Product Director: Lara Mezzapelle
Graphic design and animation: Juan Gonzalez Rodriguez (SAE Institute Barcelona)
Sound design: Luigi Piscitelli