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Experts in interactive design pedagogy, our desire is to involve “children” of all ages in learning experiences, able to excite and stimulate divergent and creative thinking. Our recreational-educational projects are directed, in particular, to Museums and Publishers.

Cultural Heritage
Creative Project

We describe cultural heritage contents in an innovative way, by giving them life.
We create 
sets and interactive installations for dance shows, theatre performances, concerts and, in general, for cultural events.

Immersive Digital Storytelling

We dedicate ourselves to the art of storytelling, pushing it towards new digital horizons where every story becomes a fantastical reality to live in memorable immersive adventures.

New Technologies

We explore the potential of the latest generation technologies in order to use it in our creativity. We support our customers in selecting the most appropriate media for each project, including apps, interactive installations, VR, AR, MR, videomapping.

Interactive Space Design

We provide interior design services for the co-design of multimedia and interactive spaces for cultural and educational institutions.


We share our experience in specialized consulting, above all ensuring a conscious use of technologies, capable of enhancing communication and avoiding the risk of depriving the cultural depth of contents in nothing more than “special effects”.

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